About Us

I am “organized chaos,” energetic, the one willing to leap into any challenge or adventure without looking back.

I am looking forward to our RTW, meeting new people, seeing the sites, eating great food and of course…sampling fine wines!

Melissa chatting with the Macaw (La Fortuna, Costa Rica)

Ryan is a fantastic father and my best friend.  The man behind the scenes, he is what makes all of this possible.

What is Ryan looking forward to on the RTW?  Well….all of it.

Ryan at Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Alex, the sweetest kid on the block.  Major summer accomplishment, learning to ride his bike without training wheels.  Still waiting to loose his first tooth.  Sad to be leaving his friends, but looking forward to seeing the world.

Alex before the first zipline (Monteverde, Costa Rica)

Kate dances and giggles her way through life.  Her dream, to have looooong hair just like Rapunzel.  Travel? Sure! As long as I can bring all of my toys.

Kate doing the hanging bridges dance (Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica)