Ever since the sh** started hitting the fan with my house, people have been making the comment

“well maybe it’s divine intervention.”

Hell – I’ve even said it.

Just recently, after my plumbers started the repairs on the five leaks found by our insurance’s plumber, I have been wondering just what are we saying when we say this?

Divine intervention, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, means:

  • “When the hand of god comes down from heaven to stop motherfu**in bullets.”  Nope, we haven’t dodged that one yet.
  • “When a miracle happens.”  What part of spending our travel savings on home repairs is a miracle?
  • “When the hand of god reaches down and saves someone from a life threatening or dangerous situation.”  Hope his hand reaches down when my kid falls into one of the 5 giant holes I have in my house.
  • “The belief that a heavenly being will interfere in human situations so bad that nothing but an act of God could change the outcome for the better.”  I’m hoping this one kicks in real soon….say insurance decides to change their mind and cover some of this stuff!

Divine intervention?

Maybe, but right now it is just feeling like a good kick in the a**.


The Things Kids Say

by Melissa

Every since my kids were little they have always looked ahead to what the next activity, gift, birthday, Christmas, event, meal etc. will be.  If we are at the zoo having a great time, they want to know when we will get home so they can go outside and play with their friends.  If we are eating breakfast, they want to know what we will be having for lunch.  If we are on vacation in Costa Rica zip lining and seeing monkeys on the beach, they want to know when we find a gift shop so they can buy a souvenir.

How did this happen?  Have we created these monsters with our constant schedules and what’s to come next?

This hasn’t changed with our world travel plans.  They have something they are just dying to get home for.  What, you ask, could possibly be so amazing that would make them want to rush a 1 year world trip that we haven’t even started?  What could be so amazing that they would want to wish 1 year of their life away for?

What, you scream in anticipation???? Anticipate no longer…..

That’s right.  A DOG!

“We need to hurry up and travel the world, for one year only, so we can get home and get my dog.” – Alex


I don’t even know what to say.

No wait, yes I do.

“Are you f—king crazy?”

“You have the rest of your life to have a dog – surely you can enjoy a year of travel with your parents.”

“Do you know how hard we are working to take you on this trip and all you can think about is a dog!?”


And before any of you start writing hate mail, you know you were thinking the same things.  Because it is what our parents said to us when we would do the same thing while on vacation having fun.

“I wanna go home.”

“This is so boring.”

“Blah blah blah.”

I haven’t said these things to my kids yet.  I am hoping that maybe, just maybe they don’t need to be said.  The trip will speak for itself.  And you know what?  Ryan and I just might be the ones rushing home to buy that house with the white picket fence and the dog in the backyard while the kids moan and groan that they just want to travel.

That’s whats so fun about this adventure, not knowing who we will become.


Mardi Gras with Kids

by Melissa
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“Mardi Gras with kids! Really?”  This was the reaction I got from most people when I told them I was taking my kids to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The look that came with it made me start to worry that maybe they knew something more than I did. But come on, I was going [...]

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Good Things Do Come From Blogging

by Melissa
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Good things do come from blogging and the proof is sitting in my kitchen. I recently posted about my measuring cup and it’s giant crack, which got me lots of comments, a phone call from my mother-in-law, AND a new measuring cup from a good friend of mine. WOW! If I had known that things [...]

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Choosing a New Logo

by Ryan
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We need your help!  Please tell us which logo you like best. Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Watermark This isn’t really a choice – we’re planning to use it to add a watermark to our images.

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Budget Fail

by Melissa
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So my mother in law was over for breakfast the other morning.  She thought it would be great fun to come over early and help us cook up a hearty meal. Fine with us – we like hearty. So we decided on homemade biscuits and gravy.  Yum.  I put the mother in law on gravy [...]

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by Melissa

Anybody still there? Yes. Great! Where have I been you ask? Taking a break from my blog.  I didn’t want to, but I hit a wall.  With all the stuff that has been going on with our house, I have been wondering just what should I be blogging about.   We are in limbo.  Are we [...]

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Monetizing a Travel Blog 101

by Ryan
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Hey there.  Ryan again.  Melissa is working through the 5 stages of grief after our recent budget problems.  I’ll let her blog about it when she’s ready, but for now I’ll just say she’s on stage 3 – bargaining.  Don’t know who she thinks she’s bargaining with, but the kids and I are staying our [...]

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Canceling Continents

by Melissa

It began with cracks in our bedroom walls.  And they were getting worse.  Some of our doors were not closing; others were starting to stick.  Our neighbors were getting their foundation fixed, and we knew ours was having problems as well. We called the company who repaired our foundation four years ago, just before we [...]

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Yes, You Can Make Money With a Travel Blog

by Melissa
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Hi, Ryan here.  I haven’t posted to the blog much, but Melissa has enlisted my help when it comes to some of the budgetting issues.  And the first thing she wants me to write about is how FourBackpacks.com will make money. Here’s the deal – we just had to pay out about 20% of the [...]

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